Requests for Proposals

The Institute for Celestial Geodynamics (IfCG) hereby solicits proposals from academic, governmental or professional organizations, or qualified individuals for specific, narrowly focused, research projects. IfCG presently holds dedicated funding in reserve and solicits such proposals for projects that typically involve advanced mathematical analysis. To pursue constantly improving completeness of analysis and scientific rigor in its work, the IfCG intends, through these project partnerships, to fill-in multiple details—open questions that were raised in our posted articles—which, in the interest of maintaining momentum and focus in our research pursuit, were noted, but temporarily left unresolved. IfCG requires that any publications which result from such projects have, within two months of publication date, a version on the Internet that is free and open to the public with a Creative Commons (CC) license. (For a CC description, see Public Use of IfCG Publications under our website’s ABOUT IfCG tab). Further, IfCG expects to either host such versions on our website (preferable) or link to them.