Mission Statement

  • To advance the new field of Celestial Geodynamics, which is the broadly multidisciplinary study of celestial-gravitational forcing of geodynamics and the consequences of such effects accumulating over time.
  • To increase knowledge of the interplay of physical mechanisms and crustal processes that energize and trigger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, by contributing to and expanding academic and professional studies.
  • To develop methodologies for accurately forecasting large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions—to save lives, reduce suffering, and support recovery. Forecasts must be timely, providing sufficient advance notice to allow preparation by governments, nongovernmental organizations, and populations; yet immediate enough to require an urgency for action.
  • To disseminate study results for locations and issue warnings of impending geodynamic conditions that appear significantly hazardous for resident populations.
  • To advise local authorities and international relief organizations of the energetic scale of potential threats and to encourage commensurate preparation.
  • To educate relevant authorities and the global public about the new paradigm of Celestial Geodynamics.